How do we do it?

We have four programs that help us
develop and achieve each one oftheKaris Connectionobjectives

Thanks to our scholarships #learnUP each student in our KARIS LICEO,
can access quality education and food reinforcement.

90% of the total value of the monthly pension is covered by our Scholarship program #learnUp

Would you like to help High Children of Cazucca and their families to have an opportunity to have quality education and so they can turn on the light of change in their community?



We We have a training program on entrepreneurship and businesses where students learn the most relevant theories and the minimum necessary tools of entrepreneurship and put them practically when they were encouraged to create their own ventures.

Our Ally Investing Hope teaches from the first years of the school to 8th grade, the basic principles of production, marketing and savings. From 8th grade, students enter a new stage where they learn more complex recipients and develop their own undertakings.

As part of the training process, we perform our Fair #aprende and #Emprende where children and young people have the opportunity to expose, make known their ventures and sell their products and services

At the same time that the environment environment has the
opportunity to buy and support students.

Would you like to volunteereither as a mentor and / orcapacitorin specific skills?

Students Students have the opportunity to save the income generated by their ventures of the #startUp program.

Each student is free to decide if it saves or not their income and withdrawing them at any time. However, the Foundation offers the student the option to save this money until the moment they culminate their baccalaureate, in which case they can receive until double what was saved to date.

Through this program we seek to keep our infrastructure updated so that our Lyceum is at the forefront of a quality education.

Do you have ideas for
improve what we do
in the lyceum?

do you want to be an ally
for the development of
our infrastructure?